Monzogranite Inclusions

“Being in the right place at the right time is at least half the battle, but to make a truly exceptional photograph, the photographer brings something more to than just good fortune to the image. Gary Zuercher’s photo from Joshua Tree National Park is exceptional. For all of its scenic beauty, I’ve always found Joshua Tree a difficult place to photograph. My photos look flat and dull. Zuercher’s is anything but flat and dull. I particularly like the way he created depth by having the boulders loom in the foreground, leading to the formation in the middle ground and the sun and cloud in the background sky.”

Christopher Robinson,Editor, Outdoor Photography Magazine


Rock Fantasy

“ .... Zuercher specializes in nature. He shows us the magnificence of the barren West with giant boulders and open spaces. His photos are meticulously executed and we experience the beauty and texture of the lone scenery.”

Roberta Carasso- Orange County Register

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